The Static Gripper

The Static Gripper tool is making it easier to protect electrical networks against animal-related outages.

The Static Gripper tool is a new hot stick tool that makes installation of the 3M™ Electrostatic Animal Guard quick and simple.

The Static Gripper tool was designed by a veteran lineman especially for the 3M™ Electrostatic Animal Guard. The 3M™ Animal Guard is a patented electrostatic barrier which attaches to energized electrical insulators and bushings rates up to 35KV. When an animal touches the metal spokes radiation outward from a rugged plastic ring, the animal gets a mild shock.

Field tests show that energized insulators can be protected with this new tool in 4 to 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes or more for other installation techniques. And the Static Gripper tool doesn't require disrupting power to the circuit for installation.


The patented Static Gripper tool is designed to fit on standard hot stick heads.


The tool has a lip that holds down the loop end of the hot stick bracket on the 3M™ Animal Guard. Two small arms have teeth that fit into the wings of the hot stick bracket.



Make sure that:

  • the voltage rating of the equipment to be protected does not exceed 36kV.
  • there is proper clearance around insulators,
  • and, that the Animal Guard- there are four different sizes- will fit the intended insulator.


Slip the loop end of the 3M™ Animal Guard's hot stick bracket under the tool lip. Then drop the wings of the Animal Guards bracket over the teeth. These two features and the rough surface of the tool should keep the 3M™ Animal Guard from slipping off during installation.


For larger insulators, you can open the plastic ring wider by placing a radial spoke between the two teeth on each arm.


After the hot stick has been extended, position the 3M™ Animal Guard at the appropriate place, level with the insulator skirts, preferably toward the top of the insulator. With moderate pressure, the 3M™ Animal Guard should slip easily on the insulator.


Then, just drop the stick slightly. The tool should easily disengage.


To remove the 3M™ Animal Guard, just catch the loop with one of the 3M™ Animal Guard arms. The teeth will catch the loop, pulling it off the insulator without letting the Animal Guards fall free.


For insulators that are angled, just adjust the tool one notch to the side at a 15 to 45 degree angle. Take a step or two to the side so that after it is raised,the 3M™ Animal Guard is level with the insulator skirts. It should slip right on.


Turned at a right angle to the stick, the Static Gripper tool makes a convenient tool for opening and closing Fuse Cut-Out Doors.


With this new tool, the 3M™ Animal Guard can be installed in minutes from the ground using only a hot stick. No bucket truck. No climbing equipment. No circuit disruption. No kidding!


Make animal outages a vague memory.

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